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Nokogiri won't load in script

Parsing an HTML/XML document

The only problem that I am getting, is that the app won't move the client to the next pages (chat.html and login.html). When I'm connecting to the app via the desktop app builder (and the phonegap app) I'm getting redirected instantly, but when I compiled it to an apk and installed it on my phone (and other android phone) it won't redirect to ... Quick work around is to repeat the load in a second load script and concatenate the files, or store them in separate QVD's. If your history doesn't change then there will be no need to reload all files each time. Keep your history in separate QVD's and only load the active period. Then you will only have to change the source file in your script ... Solved: Load excel, loop the worksheet After running the script in a drawing autocad was calling a supposed reference of the drawing itself with .scr extension. The solution was the get rid of empty new lines at the beginning of the script and in the script in general, because they are interpeted as a default comand, like in that case, the drawing filepath. index.html won't load

Nokogiri won't load in script

Installing Nokogiri Parsing HTML with Nokogiri I'm using Ruby for the first time and have to process XML files. Nokogiri appears to be the best way to accomplish this, but I am doing something wrong. When I load in IRb things work great: $ ir... Nokogiri offers quite a few options that affect how a document is parsed; you can read about them in the XML::ParseOptions docs. Notably, Nokogiri will treat input as untrusted documents by default, thereby avoiding a class of vulnerabilities known as XXE or "XML eXternal Entity" processing. What this means is that Nokogiri won't attempt to load external DTDs or access the network for any external resources. I have installed Nokogiri 1.6.5 using the precompiled gem as recommended for Windows. When I run gem list I get the following output. Nokogiri and CSS selectors. CSS – Cascading Style Sheets – are how web designers define the look of a group of HTML elements. It has its own syntax but can be mixed in with HTML (the typical use case, though, is to load CSS files externally from the HTML, so that web designers can work on the CSS separately).Without CSS, this is how you would make all the elements (i.e. the links) the ... 'require' cannot load such ... Hello. I’ve been trying to make a mob system using simple scripts inside of mob model and when I run the game those scripts won’t actually work for some reason… When I run my game, Animation script won’t load any of animations or play it. My mob is just sitting there and doing nothing. He is not anchored. He only got welds inside of UpperTorso, because I want to weld eyes and other ... Parsing an HTML/XML document

Installing Nokogiri

How to Fix "This Page Can't Load Google Maps Correctly" flavorjones/loofah: HTML/XML manipulation and ... Script extender won't work follow the simple installation of copy and pasting it into the steam folder of fallout 4, it's using the current version, but it's not showing up as working. Showing 1 - 4 of 4 comments When a person signs up for the API, they get a $300-worth credit to use during the first year, as well as $200-worth credit of free usage for each month. Small websites won’t normally reach these limits which lead to paying for credit. However, bigger websites will have to pay $1.60 for every 1000 views surpassing the 100,000-limit. Script extender won't work :: Fallout 4 General Discussions