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How to add javascript into a hyperlink to create a draggable bookmarklet

Installing Bookmarklets

JavaScript on Hyperlinks, JavaScript Tutorial Pick the Web Document tab and paste the contents of your bookmarklet into the URL: field, then click the Apply box. You can go to the General tab and change the name of the bookmarklet, or you can ... Bookmarklets In the case of Internet Explorer, you right click on the bookmark to access the properties, and then add in the javascript code (below) where it asks for the URL. It's the same for Firefox. In Safari you 'edit address'. Each browser is different. Example bookmarklet code. Here is an example bookmarklet to post web links to a site How to manually install bookmarklets in Microsoft Edge ... In this case, the data type is "text" and the value is the id of the draggable element ("drag1"). Where to Drop - ondragover The ondragover event specifies where the dragged data can be dropped. In this example we can change the text and the URL of a hyperlink. We can also change the target attribute for the hyperlink. The target attribute is by default set to "_self", which means that the link will open in the same window. By setting the target attribute to "_blank", the hyperlink will open in a new window as shown in below code. HTML Drag and Drop API

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Until recently i was able to drag a file into a office document for instance into a WORD doc and then specify "Create Hyperlink Here". Now I cannot do that anymore. Still I am able to Drag and Hyperlink folders, but NOT FILES. Oh, I think figured it out! If you inspect the HTML generated by boot-bookmarklet, you'll see that each link is an a containing an h1. Apparently this causes some browsers not to make the link draggable for some reason. I stuck the following in an HTML file: Beginner Geek: How to Use Bookmarklets on Any Device office create hyperlink drag and drop not working ... Bookmarklet in email If the page just contains a bookmarklet in text form, select the address beginning with “javascript:” and copy it. Go back to the File Explorer window, locate the favorite you created earlier, right-click it, and select Properties. Erase the contents of the URL box, and then right-click in the box and select Paste. Bookmarklet is not draggable · Issue #2 · adzerk Select the bookmarklet’s code and copy it to your clipboard. If the bookmarklet is a link, right-click or long-press the link and copy its address to your clipboard. Open your browser’s bookmarks manager, add a bookmark, and paste the JavaScript code directly into the address box. Give your bookmarklet a name and save it. Gmail doesn't convert the raw javascript into a draggable link and will not attach javascript to image links. I tried several workarounds. I tried dragging a link then tried to redirect the header location with php. Putting JS in the header redirect is illegal and doesn't work. I also tried to run eval after clicking the link.

Beginner Geek: How to Use Bookmarklets on Any Device

Copy the JavaScript for your bookmarklet, and paste it into the "Location" field. Click Save. If you want to install a bookmarklet that is on a webpage: In Firefox, if you already have a bookmarklet on a web page, right-click on the bookmarklet link; Select "Bookmark This Link" Type the name of your Bookmarklet in the "Name" field; Click "Save" 3. Safari. Dragging the link to the bookmarks bar is the easiest way to do this … Here’s what to do – highlight the bookmarklet code that you want (only the code, nothing else), copy it, and paste it into a new bookmark in your browser. For example, in Chrome, right-click the bookmarks bar and select Add page. Name the bookmark, but in the URL area, paste the JavaScript code. Here’s the steps I went through to make the instacalc bookmarklet. Create a bookmarklet interface. I made a trimmed-down page designed for the bookmarklet. If you click the page it appears fullscreen, but it resizes to the parent container. I planned on hosting this page inside a smaller iframe. Create a stub bookmarklet Create Bookmarklets How To Make a Bookmarklet For Your Web Application ... Installing Bookmarklets How to Create a JavaScript Bookmarklet Bookmarklets are traditionally small pieces of unobtrusive JavaScript which can be easily executed via a "bookmarks" or "favourites" feature in a web browser. Typically the bookmarklet code is put into the href attribute of an HTML anchor element (like most links on the web) and this can then simply be ... var jsCode = document.createElement ('script'); jsCode.setAttribute ('src', ' http://path/to/external/file.js '); document.body.appendChild (jsCode); } ()); That's pretty much what the above code does -- it creates a script element, sets the source to a file hosted elsewhere and finally appends it to the document. How to Create a JavaScript Bookmarklet

How To Make a Bookmarklet For Your Web Application ...

Bookmarklet Creator with Script Includer Create the bookmarklet (no jQuery required) Profit!! Lazy? Let me automatically fill that out for you above (seriously, click on that link…) Want to run this server-side? If you want to use this for proper coding or development, then try the bookmarklet NPM dependency. It allows you to write a bookmarklet as regular JS with some extra ... To be honest: if a user needs a button to bookmark the site chances are he/she does not know how bookmarks work. Users who normally use bookmarks know that you can press CTRL+D, drag the little site icon on the bookmark bar, use the menu etc etc.. document.write("The original string: " + txt); document.write("

Big: " + txt.big() + "

"); document.write("

Small: " + txt.small() + "

"); document.write("

Bold: " + txt.bold() + "

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Italic: " + txt.italics() + "

"); JavaScript String link() Method Create a Draggable Element in JavaScript. by kirupa ... Let's say we have an element that we would like to drag around or make draggable: To initiate the drag, we first press down on the element: ... The code you are about to see takes all those visuals and text and turns it into something our browser actually understands. browser bookmark/add to favorites JavaScript There are a number of different ways to do this. You could use document.createElement() to create a link element, and then inject the element into the DOM. Or you could use the .innerHTML property of an element that you already have on the page to insert the link using text. Or you could modify the "href" attribute of an existing link on the page. make hyperlink from javascript